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Each and every one of Texas Crime Management Security Officers has been hand selected from the best the Security Industry has to offer. Our Security Officers undergo rigorous background screening and are certified by the state of Texas to provide security services. Many of our Officers have extensive Military or Law Enforcement experience.

Texas Crime Management Security Officers are well trained and have extensive knowledge as well as a commanding and professional appearance that is unsurpassed & highly recognized.


  • All security guards complete a State approved security course
  • All security guards are required to complete a 300 hour training program related to all areas of security operations
  • We provide professional security officers, with the skills and image you want for your business
  • TCM and security officers are in full compliance with the rules and regulations of the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security

Texas Crime Management security training gives officers practical and clear course of action to follow in cases of workplace violence, threats, fires, bomb threats and other alarming situations. Texas Crime Management officers have direct access to highly experienced supervisors who are always available to assist officers with any need. Each security team is tailored to the particular needs of the client, who will also have direct 24 hour access to the site supervisor.

Texas Crime Management can provide you with any number of or well-trained officers that would be necessary for the protection of your property and personnel. Texas Crime Management’s team will work together with you to create a custom set of post orders for your property.